Vol 12, No 3 (2014)

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Table of Contents


Level and Determinants of Regional Taxes in Croatia PDF
Mihaela Bronic, Josip Franić 329-348
Enhancing Cross-Border Cooperation through Local Actors’ Involvement. The Case of Tourism Cooperation in Bihor (Romania) – Hajdú-Bihar (Hungary) Euroregion PDF
Alina Badulescu, Daniel Badulescu, Afrodita Borma 349-371
The Shaping of Local Self-Government and Economic Development through City Strategic Planning: A Case Study PDF
Ángel Iglesias Alonso 373-391
The Changes of the Roles of the Hungarian Counties: Towards a One and a Half-Tier System? PDF
István Hoffman 393-415
Productivity Changes in Slovenian Urban Municipalities PDF
Primož Pevcin 417-429
The Economics of Waste Management: Evidence from the Czech Republic and Slovakia PDF
Beata Mikusova Merickova, Juraj Nemec, Jana Soukopova 431-449
Reinventing Modern European Industrial Policy – A Regional Response to the Crisis PDF
Matjaz Nahtigal 451-465
Decentralization of Educational System and its Impact on Local Self-Government in Slovakia PDF
Jaroslav Mihalik, Daniel Klimovský 467-480
Improving Tax Administration's Services as a Factor of Tax Compliance: The Case of Tax Audit PDF
Lidija Hauptman, Mirjana Horvat, Romana Korez-Vide 481-501
Autonomy of Public Sector Investments in the Light of the Free Movement of Capital in the EU PDF
Janja Hojnik 503-518
Efficiency of the R&D Sector in the EU-27 at the Regional Level: An Application of DEA PDF
Aleksander Aristovnik 519-531
The Electoral (Dis)Advantage of the Independent Candidates in Different Electoral System (Comparative Study of Slovak and Czech Local Election) PDF
Viera Žubrova, Annmarie Gorenc Zoran, Lucija Mulej Mlakar 533-546
Capacity of Local Development Planning in Slovenia: Strengths and Weaknesses of Local Sustainable Development Strategies PDF
Tomaž Deželan, Alem Maksuti, Matjaž Uršič 547-573
Participation and Anti-Discrimination Based Local Strategic Documents – Case of Macedonian Municipalities PDF
Jovan Ananiev, Zaneta Poposka 575-590
Dual Legitimacy in the Development of the Network City - A Case Study of Kaohsiung City Council PDF
Da-Chi Liao, Hsin-Che Wu, Chen-Hsun Li 591-621
Impacts of Decentralization on the Local Government Expenditures and Public Services in the EU Countries PDF
Martina Halásková, Renata Halaskova 623-642
Inter-Municipal Cooperation in Lithuania and Slovakia: Does Size Structure Matter? PDF
Daniel Klimovský, Oksana Mejere, Jurgita Mikolaityte, Uroš Pinterič, Diana Saparniene 643-658
A Case Study on Local Initiatives and Questions of National Resources PDF
Lucija Mulej Mlakar, Annmarie Gorenc Zoran, Jaroslav Mihalik 659-669
Cost-efficiency of Drinking Water Supply: Benchmarking Case Study from Slovenia PDF
Bojan Gašperin, Anja Žnidaršič, Aleš Novak 671-694
Determinants of users’ willingness to contribute to safe water provision in rural Uganda PDF
Resty Naiga, Marianne Penker 695-714
Placebo Effect PDF
Slavko Krajnc, Borut Holcman 715-730
Territorial Changes to Municipalities and Inter-Municipal Cooperation: A Comparative Overview and Orientations for Slovenia PDF
Iztok Rakar, Bojan Tičar, Maja Klun 731-748

ISSN: 1581-5374