Vol 15, No 2 (2017)

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Political Economy of Fiscal Equalization: The Case of Croatia PDF
Anto Bajo, Marko Primorac 155-173
Which Local Self-Governments Seek More Collaboration? Evidence from Interlocal Collaboration for Economic Development in South Korea PDF
Eunok Im, So Hee Jeon, Jonghwan (Simon) Kim 175-197
Conceptualization of Political Corruption, Perceptions of Corruption, and Political Participation in Democracies PDF
Doron Navot, Itai Beeri 199-219
The Breakdown of the Iron Triangle in the Process of Japan’s Trinity Reform: An Application of the Multiple Streams Framework to Compare Stakeholder Dynamics Inherent in Policy Change PDF
Bui Thi Thu Linh, Phung Thi Thu Ha, Ko Ko Aung, Nguyen Thi Hong Nhung, Seunghoo Lim 221-242
Reduced the Risk in Agriculture Management for Government Using Support Vector Regression with Dynamic Optimization Parameters PDF
Chien-Pang Lee 243-261
The Approach of the Local System of Child Protection from a Social-Network Aspect and its Options of Interpretation – A Case Study PDF
Imre Bertalan 263-281
Government Subsidies to Non-profit Organisations and its Impact on Private Donations: Regional and Subsector Models PDF
Marie Hladká, Vladimír Hyánek 283-301
Street Lighting Management and Performance Evaluation: Opportunities and Challenges PDF
Gustavo Guilherme Thiel, Sandra Rolim Ensslin, Leonardo Ensslin 303-328
A Normative Theory of Local Government: Connecting Individual Autonomy and Local Self-Determination with Democracy PDF
Gissur Ó Erlingsson, Jörgen Ödalen 329-342
Why Can't We Supervise What Central Banks are Doing in Our Name? Troubling Gaps in State Auditing of Central Banks in Eurozone PDF
Tomaž Vesel 343-357

ISSN: 1581-5374