Municipalities and Gambling Taxation in the Czech Republic

  • Michal Radvan Masaryk University, Faculty of Law
Keywords: gambling, tax, gambling tax, local tax, Czech Republic


Hazard is often is considered to be socially undesirable phenomena. Municipalities are the most important regulators of this business. Generally, municipalities have two possibilities how to reduce the negative effects of the gambling business run at their territories: they can prohibit the gambling at all or they can heavily tax the gambling business to minimize all the negative impacts of the hazard. The main goal of this article is to confirm or refute the hypothesis that the new regulation protects the interests of Czech municipalities in the area of hazard. It is obvious that gambling tax is an effective tool (not only) for local self-government and it is a new local tax in the Czech Republic as it fulfills all the conditions I have defined for a local tax.

Author Biography

Michal Radvan, Masaryk University, Faculty of Law

Associate Professor


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