Administrative Leadership and Situational Antecedents in the Romanian Public Administration

  • Tudor Țiclău Babes-Bolyai University School of Political, Administratiove and Communication Sciences Str. Traian Moșoiu, nr. 71 400132, Cluj-Napoca
  • Cristina Hințea Babes-Bolyai University School of Political, Administratiove and Communication Sciences Str. Traian Moșoiu, nr. 71 400132, Cluj-Napoca
Keywords: administrative leadership, public administration, cultural factors, administrative antecedents, Romania


Leadership is a complex phenomenon that is hard to study and understand by looking solely at leaders (be it traits, behavior or competencies). Previous researches (House et. al., 2004) indicate significant variance in leadership depending on situational and cultural factors. In this research we explore the antecedent conditions that lead to unique administrative leadership styles observed in the Romanian public administration, by making a distinction between cultural, political and administrative antecedents. The study population consists of civil servants occupying a managerial position. Initial results indicate that cultural values are similar to the ECC cluster from the GLOBE study, a preference for NWS (Neo Weberian State) type of organization, low trust between politicians and civil servants and predominantly transformational leadership behaviours. Low response rate (approx. 7%) led to a rather small sample (N=188), which negatively influences the possibility of generalizing the findings.

Author Biography

Cristina Hințea, Babes-Bolyai University School of Political, Administratiove and Communication Sciences Str. Traian Moșoiu, nr. 71 400132, Cluj-Napoca
Associate Professor


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