Local-level Nudging for Renewables in Slovenia: Organisational Aspects and Legal Limitations

Organisational Aspects and Legal Limitations

  • Luka Martin Tomazic Alma Mater Europaea
Keywords: nudge, energy law, local government, soft paternalism, renewable energy


Proliferation of renewable energy is high on the agenda of the European Union. In it, local government plays an important role. Besides traditional regulatory approaches such as legislation, nudging could have a positive effect on achieving the desired policy goals. This article analyses the legal framework within which the local-level practice of nudging is embedded in the Republic of Slovenia. Since EU-level legislation and ECHR aspects are analysed as well, the application of findings is broader than merely the national legal system. Nudging could be performed either by using the existing infrastructure or through the creation of local energy organisations. Three main groups of legal limitations are identified, namely state-level limitations, GDPR-related concerns and constitutional or human rights considerations. Defaults and individualised informing are emphasized as two of the most promising nudge-types in the field of renewable energy.


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