Local Governance in a Developing Country

  • Mustafa Kemal ├ľktem Hacettepe University Ankara/Turkey
Keywords: Urban Governance, Local Participation, Municipal Administration


How the implementation of local governance can be improved in the developing world is an open research question. This study discusses the difficulty of transitioning toward local governance in Turkey. To analyze the basic difficulties of local governance, a survey was conducted using a random sampling method within the inner city municipalities of Ankara. The findings indicate that improving local governance by enhancing transparency and building mechanisms of e-governance is the first step to motivating the public to participate in and to move toward a system of local governance. In general, each of these strategies would likely increase overall citizen involvement and, in particular, would increase the involvement of those citizens between 26 and 35 years old.

Author Biography

Mustafa Kemal ├ľktem, Hacettepe University Ankara/Turkey
Associate Professor Dept. of Political Science & Public Administration