Testing Municipal Reinvention on the Price of Municipal Governance

  • Jun Yi Hsieh Department of Public Affairs, University of Taipei
  • Kai-Jo Fu School of Public Economics and Administration Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Keywords: Municipal Reinvention, Municipal Reform, Price of Municipal Governance, Mayor-Council City, Council-Manager City


Municipal reinvention has been widely employed to improve government efficiency in many US municipalities; however, most of the efforts fail to test its efficiency. This study identifies which strategies of municipal reinvention have improved municipal performance by reducing the price of municipal governance. The data sources employed by this research are 1. 1997 ICMA Reinvention Government: Implementation at the Local Level; 2. the Census Bureau; and 3. the Office of Management and Budgeting, USA. By the zero-truncated negative binomial model, the findings do not support the contention that municipal reinvention decreases the price of municipal governance between mayor-council and council-manager cities. However, local conditions have a significant effect on the cost of the two forms of governments.

Author Biography

Jun Yi Hsieh, Department of Public Affairs, University of Taipei
Jun Yi Hsieh, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor, Department of Public Affairs, University of Taipei, Republic of China (Taiwan). He held two Ph. D. – one from Reubin O’D. Askew School of Public Administration and Policy, Florida State University, USA; the other from Department of Public Administration, National Chengchi University, Republic of China (Taiwan). His research interest includes Performance Management, Management Innovation, Local Governance, Public Human Resource Management, and Policy Analysis. His articles have appeared or been accepted in Public Administration Review, Administration and Society, Review of Public Personnel Administration, Public Administration Quarterly, Innovation: Management, Policy & Practice, Journal of Organization and Management Review.