Classification of Patient Complaints and Developing Patient Complaints Indicators

  • Anka Mohorič Kenda Farmed d.o.o.
Keywords: complaints, healthcare regulation, patient rights, patient complaint indicators, quality of healthcare, classification


Based on actual patient complaints, we have assessed the suitability of measurable elementary criteria for the selected patient complaint indicator aggregate. These indicators enable, as evidenced by the study, the monitoring and reporting of recorded patient rights violations. The data acquired from processed patient rights violations were obtained through a quantitative study via an electronic complaint form, which constitutes an integral part of the prototype interactive software solution. This solution was used for submitting and monitoring of patients’ complaints on violation of their rights. Based on the data acquired from anonymised cases (71 complaints) and study findings, it was established that the recorded requests for the processing of patient rights violations occur as a result of: (1) inadequate attitude of healthcare professionals (n = 38.03%), (2) inadequate actions by healthcare professionals (n = 57.75%), and (3) later consequences of violations (n = 4.22%). The proposed set of patient complaint indicators can lead to a significant contribution to national patient rights protection policies, to improvement of healthcare quality indicators, and to implementation of measures for better healthcare quality.


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