The Role of the Mayor – Between Political Vision and Criminal Responsibility

  • Zlatan Dezman Uniersity of Maribor, Faculty of Law Maribor
Keywords: mayor, abuse of officer offence, state control over local government, jurisprudence, case-law, political accountability, local government


This paper deals with anomalies of criminal law supervision of the legality of actions of local community officials in the Republic of Slovenia. It highlights some of the dilemmas that concern the limits of central state control over local self-governing bodies. Therefore, the following will be analyzed: 1. the fundamental characteristics of the relationship between the central state and local self-governing entities; 2. the monitoring of the autonomy of local self-governing bodies when they decide on matters within their original jurisdiction; 3. the role of the mayor as a representative, executive and supervisory individual authority; 4. an analysis of existing Slovenian criminal case-law in that regard; and 5. concluding remarks.