Network Context, Trust and Success. Evidence from Regional Governance Networks in Norway

  • Dag Ingvar Jacobsen Agder University, Kristiansand
Keywords: network context, governance networks, outcomes, trust, consensus, municipalities, Norway


While our knowledge on the form and functioning of networks increases, we have little knowledge on the effects of network context on the impact of governance networks. This study focuses on contextual elements and their effect on perceived network outcomes on three dimensions – service provision, solving “wicked” problems, and exerting external influence - controlling for trust and consensus. Data from 11 governance networks in Norway are combined with individual data on trust, consensus and outcomes. Results indicate that contextual factors have significant effects on network outcomes, particularly on the ability to solve complex problems and on external influence. Possible mechanisms are discussed, and implications for future studies of governance networks are outlined.

Author Biography

Dag Ingvar Jacobsen, Agder University, Kristiansand
Professor, Department of Political Science