Parents Satisfaction with Preschool Education Service, As Determinant of Service Improvement

  • Predrag Zivotic Integrated Health Information System, EU-IHIS Project
  • Jasmina Tanasic Standing Conference of Cities and Municipalities of Serbia
  • Vesna Bjegovic Mikanovic University of Belgrade, Faculty of Medicine
Keywords: user satisfaction, improvement of public services, preschool education, local self-government, Serbia


The objective of this paper is to analyze the overall users’ satisfaction with preschool institutions, and the correlation between different socio-economic characteristics of the respondents and their satisfaction with the obtained services. A survey was conducted in seven towns and municipalities in the Province of Vojvodina in Serbia, including 7798 parents of children using preschool services. The research instrument was a questionnaire composed based on similar surveys of user satisfaction. Multiple regression analysis served as the tool in analyzing the relationship between the users’ socio-economic background and overall satisfaction with services. Overall parent satisfaction with preschool education services appears lower among respondents with higher education, those who participate in the costs of preschool services and those living in urban areas.

Author Biography

Vesna Bjegovic Mikanovic, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Medicine
Conference Paper