Transfer of Company’s Assets to a Local Self-Governing Authority (or the Republic of Slovenia) as a Form of Corporate Restructuring

  • Saša Prelič University of Maribor, Faculty of Law
Keywords: transfer of assets, universal legal succession, transfer by acquisition, protection of creditors and shareholders, Slovenia


In this article, the author considers transfer of assets as one of legally regulated forms of corporate restructuring that enables local self-governing authority (or the Republic of Slovenia) to acquire a company with its assets and liabilities by way of universal legal succession, and therefore bring about corporate status restructuring. Transfer of assets is discussed with regard to Slovenia’s corporate regulation, both in terms of procedural rules, as well as in terms of protection of interests of the shareholders and creditors of the company, which transfers the assets.

Author Biography

Saša Prelič, University of Maribor, Faculty of Law
Associate Professor
Conference Paper