The Significance of the Implementation of Human Rights in the Functioning of Economic Operators for the Prevention of the Causes of Economic and Broader Social Crisis

  • Branko Korže University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics
Keywords: human rights, social market state, neoliberalism, globalization, UN Guiding Principles


In this paper the author substantiates a thesis that the reason for the emergence of the economic and general social crisis lies in the withdrawal of European countries from the legislatively proclaimed model of a social market state and the assumption of neoliberal principles, which are the basis of economic globalization. He finds that globalization gave rise to numerous negative social phenomena resulting from the predominance of the economic interests of capital over other social values.  The reestablishment of the functioning of the market–social state in Europe that would be based on human rights could significantly contribute to the elimination of the causes of the crisis. The enforcement of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (Ruggi’s Guiding Principles) would mean the first step towards the change in principles and neoliberalism in the world and its negative effects.

Author Biography

Branko Korže, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics
Assistant Professor
Conference Paper