A Public Procurement Blueprint for Socio-economic Development

  • Intaher Marcus Ambe University of South Africa, School of Public and Operations Management
Keywords: public procurement, blueprint, socio-economic development, South Africa


The ambition to create a developmental state in South Africa and to transform the apartheid economy has been hamstrung by ineffectiveness, poor coherence, inadequate capability and corrupt procurement practices. Procurement in the South African public sector is a strategic tool is used to facilitate long-term socio-economic development, inclusive growth and industrialisation throughout southern Africa. In 2004, supply chain management (SCM) was introduced as a procurement tool to the South African public sector in order to accelerate socio-economic development. Despite the implementation of SCM to address tremendous social and economic challenges in South Africa, poverty, unemployment and inequality still reign. This article is based on an exploratory review and suggests a procurement blueprint for accelerating inclusive growth in South Africa. The core drivers of the blueprint are efficient capacity and professionalisation plans; ethics and good governance; strategic procurement; and information and communication technology.


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