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Institute for Local Self-Government Maribor offers authors the possibility to publish their monograph or edited volumes in Open Access. Publishing in Open Access grants free immediate access to full-text versions of the published work. With unrestricted access to scientific content, Open Access accelerates the pace of scientific discovery, encourages innovation, and improves education. To make that possible, the publisher applies an Article Processing Charge. In addition to publishing freely accessible content online, print versions of all published works are also available on demand. 

A collection of our books and conference proceedings is indexed in the Web of Science™ Core Collection. Web of Science is the world’s leading citation index with multidisciplinary content from the top tier international and regional journals, conference proceedings, and books.

We publish:

•    Edited and SSHS Edited Volumes
•    Publishing by invitation
•    Editorial review process
•    Titles indexed in major and relevant scientific databases
•    Comprehensive analysis
•    20+ pages

•    Long and Short form
•    Professional publishing partner to researchers and research groups
•    Single Author Monographs
•    Multiple Author Monographs
•    Edited Books
•    Blind Peer Review

Article Processing Charge

The Open Access model, applied to all of our publications, eliminates subscriptions and pay-per-view fees, being free of charge to all readers. It enables an immediate contribution to general scientific knowledge.

To allow permanently unrestricted online access to the published works and keep the business sustainable, Lex Localis Press applies an Article Processing Charge that covers the costs associated with the editorial workflow, production and long-term hosting. These include:

•    Personal contact and support during the publishing process
•    English language copyediting - correction of grammatical, spelling, and other common errors
•    Indexing and listing across all major repositories
•    Discoverability - electronic citation and linking via DOI
•    Long-term archiving
•    XML Typesetting and pagination - web (PDF, HTML) and print files preparation
•    Permanent and unrestricted online access to your work
•    Dissemination and Promotion

Publishing fees:
•    Book Chapter - Edited Volume: 490 EUR
•    Book chapter - SSHS Edited Volume: 390 EUR
•    Monograph - Lex localis Briefs (from 50 up to 120 pages): 2.800 EUR
•    Monographh - Long Form (from 120 up to 350 pages): 3.950 EUR

All our books are published online under the Open Access model and are accessible for free on our reading platform. If you would like to order print copies, you can do so by contacting our Sales Department.

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